bright spots

DSCN8364DSCN8357DSCN8362The holidays saw two monochromatic quilts completed, or nearly so.  Looking around my space this morning I see that I am back to BRIGHT!  The little economy blocks that I have been piecing and storing are ready to come together…DSCN8358DSCN8360DSCN8365DSCN8368 Could I choose one favorite block?  I don’t see how.  Little Bella, shown above, is also a bright spot despite her inky coat.  Faithfully devoted and nearly feral, she is a constant companion in the sewing studio.

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snow/sew days

DSCN8351DSCN8350DSCN8344Awakening to a silent white world – my favorite kind of saturday.  The Good Dog’s joy is boundless, he seems like a puppy in the snow.  Everything is muted and pure – the world turned inside out.  The neighbor’s shovel breaks our reverie and wandering back to the house we discover that our friend, the giant piliated woodpecker has been busy.  I wonder what kind of insects he has found living deep in the flesh of the old apple tree.DSCN8308A new quilt for my daughter who has moved south.  I miss her so much.


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little pink houses

DSCN8322Last fall I joined a modern block party over at Threadbias.  My ‘Hive’ members are an awesome group of quilters – gigantic talent, huge hearts.  When it was my turn to select a block I mentioned that I had originally hoped for improv pink houses.  I decided that, since I was unfamiliar with the groups’ skill set, to abandon that for something more traditional.  Did that stop my Hive?  Oh no, not in the least.  Not only did they piece my traditional blocks, many sent PINK HOUSES as well!DSCN8334DSCN8333DSCN8332DSCN8330DSCN8329DSCN8328DSCN8327DSCN8326DSCN8325DSCN8324DSCN8323The pleasant task ahead – how to bring my pink neighborhood together in a way that allows each block to shine!  (please forgive blurry or dark photos – haven’t seen much of the sun this week!)

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little toasty

My friend Pratima blogs over at, and she is really a wonderfully talented quilter.  She inspires me with her work and her generous heart and her exceptionally sweet nature.  I was the lucky winner of her wall quilt that I call ‘Poppy’.DSCN8311DSCN8310DSCN8312Every morning I pass my Poppy quilt and it makes me smile.  I especially need the extra smile today as I woke up in the middle of the night with ANOTHER flipping cold.  It’s hard to do anything when one’s nose runs all day long.  I did manage to get the binding on a baby quilt that was inspired by Pratima’s work.DSCN8319DSCN8318DSCN8317Little ‘Toasty’ because it was made with cotton batting which I then layered with a wool batt.  The back piece is cotton flannel for the softest reversible finish!  This piece is flying off to Strasbourg to live, where it will meet a new baby and hopefully serve as a mat to play on by a big brother!  I wish that I could personally deliver it.


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oh, oscar

DSCN8290The newest member of the clan.  Oscar O’Malley.  Heart stealer.

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we need a little christmas


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cautious cuts

DSCN7861DSCN7858DSCN7860DSCN7856Do all quilters have one special fabric line that they cannot bear to cut into?  I think it is so.  Always a huge fan of Charlie Harper’s wildlife illustrations, I nearly fainted when I discovered FABRIC displaying his art.  Mecca.  I purchased what I could and put it aside.  I thought about it, I dreamed about it and then clever Melissa Lunden published her Tatami Mat pattern. . . it was time to cut into my little stash!

Today’s Buzz;

We have crossed the autumn threshold – the winds are very brisk.  If you are a Beekeeper it is time to secure the hives for winter.  Make sure your covers are weighted down and waterproof.

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part 3, the dream of the wash-ashore

When one returns to Nantucket to stay, the natives refer to that person as a ‘wash-ashore’.  I like that.  I want to be a wash-ashore nantucketian.  I want to discover the ways to live on that small island, 30 miles out to sea – water in all directions.  I want to stitch my quilts, paint my mermaids, knit my sweaters and watch my dog chase the waves onto the beach.  I want to experience the dim winter light, people hurrying home, snowflakes gathering on the shoulders of boiled woolen jackets – cobbled streets muffled, still.  And the silence.  I want to create Sailor’s Valentines and paddle around the harbor in a faded red dinghy.  To make friends with the locals and be invited in, carrying a hot dish, covered in gingham.

When my sister and I walked through the old sections in town she pointed out the Sisters’ Houses as well as many of the other historic buildings.  I could close my eyes and  envision the people of another time, perhaps when whaling was the major industry and life was hard and often bitter.  Behind closed lids I could see long skirts swirling down narrow alleys, widow walks being paced by anxious mothers, peddlers on the sidewalks, struggling with carts and livestock.  I discovered that when the whaling industry went into decline, the islanders raised sheep for wool and meat.  Nantucket is a place that I relate to on so many levels.

There was knitting on Nantucket.  I bought some delicious Anzula sock yarn in the traditional Cape Cod ‘red’.DSCN7833There is a wonderful amount of cashmere mixed with this merino and the result is a light soft-as-a-feather sock.


Fall was waiting in New York for my return.  Baking, quilt making and garden strolls were in order before hanging up the flip-flops and heading back to work.DSCN7830DSCN7826DSCN7829DSCN7837DSCN7850DSCN7849Baby quilts are in order – I have three that need my attention before too long.  Sadly, none are for my family, but that does not diminish the joy of creating these small pieces.

DSCN7851DSCN7853The Pineapple Sage – last in the garden to flower – a crimson kiss for departing hummingbirds.


Today’s Buzz;

I wanted to talk about bee skeps, but I’m late for my Guild meeting so I leave you with this instead:  Pattern by Amy, (During Quiet Play)found at Craftsy.  DSCN7847



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part 11




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nantucket, I miss you (part 1)


Nantucket is stealthy – she tiptoes into your heart and soul, she changes you.  The magic begins in the harbor, as soon as you step from the ferry.  You are met by September’s abundant roses, still tumbling and climbing over fences and rooftops.  DSCN7796DSCN7778Every day is a beach day.  I could not decide which of the five spots I loved most.  Each has its own charm.DSCN7737DSCN7815Town or wharf – the charm never ends.

Image 1ImageDSCN7771DSCN7788

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