DSCN9471I’m still unable to post new images to my blog.  I’ve used this space as a place to journal my work and it’s been especially hard not to record all of the finished pieces since November.  I may have to crack down and buy a new computer.  UGH.

Many things have occurred since Thanksgiving – both good and not so good.  The Can-Do-Guy will be a grandfather for the first time in May.  He has been diagnosed with systemic vasculitis and is having a rough time of it.  He has had two infusions, but is not responding as well as we would like.

Feral cats keep turning up.  Injured, hungry and wretched – they break my heart.  I am not a cat person.  But I cannot abide animal suffering and will do whatever is possible to soften their pain.  I leave the porch door ajar so that they can get to the food.  The other night I had a baby ‘possum come by for a bite!  And the birds are singing again.  This beautiful life.  The wonder of living in the country – the gift.  Pussy willows have appeared without warning. This morning I watched while the turkeys made their way down from the tree limbs, where they nest at night.  While outdoors I can dismiss the political climate that swirls around this nation.  It’s my way of burying my head in the sand.




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andrew and stewyDSCN8858DSCN9359DSCN9288

Just a few reasons to be thankful … and there are so many more.IMG_0977

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Autumn tiptoed in on kitten paws, but the quiet was abruptly shattered, seemingly overnight.    The garden has exploded with wild abandon – resurrection in the arugula patch!  The plum tomatoes hanging like Christmas stockings, the Cinderella pumpkins aching to be released from withered vines . . . and all around the apple trees dropping their colored petticoats, apples raining to the ground.  This is my season.  No images, just words.

The last few months have been challenging.  Family members have become ill, lost or saddened beyond comfort.

Yesterday afternoon found me at my child’s home – lately the scene of quiet despair and heartache, emptiness gathering in the corners like cobwebs.  I have a mission, a duty, to exercise and feed the dogs, and while I derive great pleasure from these chores, the profound scent of loneliness (that smacks me in the face when entering) can turn me on my heels.  I persevere because bulldog and boxer grins await me.

I’m writing this because something has changed …a slight tilt of the universe parked right before my eyes – the smallest pair of slippers.  Slippers that are keeping my child’s size 13 mules company.  And  just like that – the afternoon sunshine floods the kitchen and warms this old mother’s heart.

As many others have done, so have I spent much of this week feeling afraid.  Prayer helps. A new quilt has been inspired – one of words alone.  GRACE was first, the rest will be stitched in quiet reflection and hope.

‘Let this be our prayer, when we lose our way

Lead us to a place, guide us with Your grace

To a place where we’ll  be safe’.

Ours is a country divided.  But we are not alone – there is a world view – ALL people will be impacted by the election results.  I think back of 911 and the days that followed.  People came forward, showed kindness, lent a hand.  Maybe we could start with this spirit, maybe we can heal.



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let me tell you about Nell

She came from a West Virginia rescue – our local SPCA helping to empty a shelter due to flooding.  No one seems to know much about her background – there was some talk of an owner surrender due to hospice.  What I can tell is that someone showed this little girl love.  And she found a way to hold on and trust in people until another someone showed up to offer her a forever home.

She’s been with us for 24 hours.  During that time she has shown sweetness and smiles and a formidable appetite!  As I type, she is lying under my feet so quietly that I did not know she had joined me.  She met Dr. Wonderful today and was very receptive to his charms, allowing him to probe and shine lights and all of that scary stuff without a complaint.  Unfortunately, she may have a UTI, and she needs to return tomorrow.

She has a beard.  The vet assistant says that she sees only Brussell Griffon, but I’m seeing a lot of pug in that funny face and stance.  She and Tula are equally matched in stature and weight.  When they get going, there are some real shenanigans, racing, running, hopping and growling.  They slept last night, next to one another, both snoring mightily.



She is VERY animated!  Unfortunately, she will have to undergo surgery on Tuesday.  Apparently she has an infected uterine stump and it has to be managed.  I feel like a traitor taking her back for another procedure since she was spayed in early August.  Hopefully it will be uneventful and she’ll be home and mending quickly.  She likes her sister very much and is able to share and endure some ear licking.  Pugs. Must. Lick.  It’s a rule.IMG_1122

I still have computer/photo issues.  These images are coming from my iPhone, thus the blurriness.IMG_1065

This quilt was started last year (I think) and needs to be completed.  I fell hard for the Art Gallery SWEET AS HONEY line when it came out and it does not disappoint, even after being tucked away all of these months.IMG_1110The little patch of aqua makes me happy.  There is a lot of piecework involved in the making of this quilt, but doesn’t time pass quickly when you are enjoying yourself?  Since the piecing is both methodical and intuitive, it gives me time to clear the cobwebs out of my brain and even consult my muse for future makings …



Milano by Carol Sunday.  I wish that you could reach in and pat this fiber.  Dreaminess.

























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playing it safe


Sometimes I think that I should just stick to sock knitting.  It’s easy, fast and predictable. But no, I want to take on the giant projects that spill out and over the months and years and make me slightly crazy!  (It’s nutty since the smaller projects give such instant gratification).  I have been working on two large projects which demand concentration and solitary knitting.  I have made terrible mistakes.

I put my knitting down this morning and drove over to let my son’s dogs out for a run.  On the way I spotted a young man hunkered down on the medium, knapsack, dreadlocks, and most significantly, two dogs – panting in the merciless sun.

He had me at the dogs.  Turns out, I had given him a lift exactly one year ago when he came to this area.  During that time he had found a job, a place to live and began to make a life for himself.  But he has gypsy feet – he is a wanderer.  He remembered my past kindness on that scorching hot day and greeted me as if an old friend.  I drove him 20 miles out of my way and listened to him speak about his time on the road.  I wished him well, pressed a twenty into his hand and reminded him about the hot pavement and the dog’s sensitive pads – the importance of hydrating.  I said a small prayer.

My loved ones would not like the idea of their old mother picking up strangers.  But I’ve never felt that there is danger in paying it forward.  Helping the gypsy boy and his dogs was the most important thing that I’ve done all week – and it’s only Tuesday!

But back to the manageable knitting.  I guess that the lesson here is – there is no real growth in knitting socks exclusively.  The giant projects ask bigger and finer things from a knitter and they always deliver growth.  So when I rip out 444 stitches tonight, I might smile.  Just as the thought of driving the extra 20 miles makes my heart glad.  I’m staying out of the safe zone.



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This is a changing mat that I made for a dear friend who has become an auntie!  Giraffes were part of the nursery theme, so it was easy to get on board!  Who doesn’t love a giraffe?DSCN9482

The backing is pale yellow terry cloth.  This little piece is on its way to a Las Vegas baby named Harper (LOVE that name!)  Congratulations to you all!DSCN9477

Meanwhile, we have been chugging along on the latest charity quilt for my guild – Hudson Valley Modern Quilt Guild.  This is a sneak peak – my friend Elaine has been the guiding force behind this piece and I don’t want to spoil the end result.  DSCN9476

Inspired by Wanda’s butterflies (Exhuberant Color blog), I dug deeply into my Kaffe stash and have been happily piecing butterflies.  This quilt is for one of Scott’s relatives.  More on it as it develops!  I am waiting for one last piece of gold and then I can decide whether or not to lattice it.  The pattern is called Butterfly Town and it’s by Gail Abeloe.  Simple and to the point, the blocks go together very quickly.  You may have noticed that I used the same background print in this piece as I did for my giraffe.  I’m a little obsessed with it and have reordered twice!  It’s called Boardwalk by Art Gallery Fabrics.

We’ve lost two huge trees this week, one day apart.  Doesn’t that seem curious?  No storms, no wind, no logical reason for these events.  We’ve lived here for 15 years and it is so sad to witness the slow but steady demise of the apple trees.  My heart has not been in the gardening this season and the telltale signs are everywhere … wild raspberry canes springing up in the day lily border, milkweed in the mint garden, oxalis and red basil crowding the herbs and roses.  I keep telling myself that I must get out there and tidy the gardens, but I don’t.  Instead, I retreat to the sewing room where color abounds and gifts are created and hours pass happily, fully.  The gardens will have to wait.

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and then, it’s august

July was a scorcher.  All the better to stay indoors and MAKE.   Three new babies will be arriving so gifts were in order.  But I decided to make a few totes for myself before getting onto the business of baby items.


The POOLSIDE TOTE by Noodlehead – everything Anna does is perfection.  Her instructions are really spot on and I never have to ‘tweak’ anything that she puts out there.  For this, I used up my precious Hello Kitty linen along with a few other favorites.  I’ve stopped denying my love of pink, coral, salmon.  These ARE my colors!


“It All Adds Up” was completed and delivered to wonderful Kristin for machine quilting.  This will be one of our charity event (Friends Helping Friends) fund raisers and I hope that many will purchase raffles.  It is one of my all time favorite pieces and when it returns for binding I will feature it again.  I used an incredible Tula Pink backing in sateen … too juicy for words, just wait, you’ll see!


Kaffe butterflies for a special relative.  Thank you Wanda, for the inspiration.


What’s a post without the Wee One?  She continues to enchant each person that she meets.  So far, her favorite is cousin Oscar, the bulldog.  She is enamored of him and wants him to move in.  He’s a lot of dog!  So we’ll settle for visits.

These images were all taken with my iPhone as my computer is still giving me the willies.  But I missed you all and thought that fuzzy pics might be better than no pics!  Lots more fuzzies to follow ….


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five days in

…and I’ve already finished hand quilting a piece, configured the quilt guild blocks (with enormous help from my friend Elaine), completed a toddler sweater, pickled beets from my garden and started weeding.  PHEW!  Yes, I am on summer break.  I didn’t mention the naps that I indulged in because that seems unfair to those that cannot (which would be me ten months out of the year!)  Who knew that naps could be so redemptive?

Oh, and I also finished the top and back of a baby quilt for a friend.  I’m waiting on batting.  It’s been very hot and humid in my part of NYS, so staying indoors is not a stretch!  The electric bill will be frightening as the AC has been running pretty much nonstop.  But hey, I ask you, who can sew in the heat?  Or knit?

IMG_0247Coming to the end of this project – short rows await.  (My computer is still on the fritz – it will not accept new images, and I’m waiting on the tech guy to walk me through adjustments that may or may not help).

DSCN8621I’m using Carol Sunday’s exquisite yarn Nirvana in shell pink.  It’s so delicate and the drape is perfection.

The house is very still without Harley, but Tula and I are holding our own.  She sits at the window and gazes out – I wish that I could read her thoughts.  It may be time for another Oscar play date!  There has been some talk of adoption, but it seems premature.  I know that there are many many wonderful dogs in shelters waiting for a forever home, but I’d like for this home to be fully ready, and my heart open – not there yet.



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i am surprised

Leaning in my chair, mind wandering. The work load waits. There is a peaceful addiction to perusing blogs, so I go there. For hours. Finding a new writer, a quilter, perhaps a dreamer or a star gazer makes me happy. I use my bookmark. I return.

And then a surprise – a new blogger (for me) who lists the vanilla yearIMG_0224as preferred reading! I did not know that people still stopped by. I have been caught up in my grief and misery and malcontented-ness for what seems a very long time. Like a box turtle, I’ve pulled my head into my shell and rested, wanting little to do with the world around me.

That is not to say that I have avoided creating. Just that my pace has slowed to a quiet simmer. And it’s all good. I accept that I need to be exactly where I am.

My son brought the bulldog over to stay for the week that he is away. The house, which was so quiet with Harley’s passing suddenly brims with life and toenails and slobbery kisses. At night, the portion of the bed that I am afforded is ridiculously tiny – caught between the honking snores of Oscar’s hulk and the stretched out gumby-dog Tula who whistles in her sleep. When Andrew returns and fetches his beast I intend to sleep for two days straight.

I have many images to share – I promise.

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He was my heart

IMG_0104I know what a broken heart feels like. Goodbye my wonderful friend and companion.  You made these last ten years a joy with your affection and bravery and devotion.  You slept beside my bed every single night – you made me feel safe.  I hope that I took as good of care of you as you have for me.  I will never forget you.


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