who doesn’t like saturday?

I love weekends – beginning with Saturday morning which always holds infinite possibilities.  This morning was especially nice because I learned that my sweet daughter-from-a-different-mother gave birth to her first child during the wee hours.  Charlie.  I have no images yet.  Charlie has arrived weeks early and I am scrambling to finish his parcel, which has to travel to France!  First up – wash and block a blankie …


Knitted from the softest merino Morehouse offers, a two ply.  When dry it will feel lighter than a feather!  Charlie’s mom is using cloth diapers and needs some truly wonderful soakers.  I took a spin over to White Barn Farm (and heard the cicadas for the first time – what a racket!) where disappointment never waits.



Seriously folks.  Is that a delicious combo, or what?  And it’s super wash to boot!


Local strawberries are finally ready!  It was tempting to polish these off before getting out of the car.  When I did get home I found the guys out in the back yard –


HOORAY!  The frog pond is getting the attention that it desperately needs!  DSCN6224

It’s disgraceful the way that we’ve ignored the vegetable garden this season (including the pond).  We just didn’t have  passion for any of it.  After a long conversation we decided that we couldn’t possibly survive without at LEAST some tomatoes, some basil, some cukes, radishes, melons, you know.  But we are going at it in a new way this year.


Instead of being a slave to the weeding we will construct raised beds.  The gardening had become mostly drudgery because of size and weed scale.   Like Eden, the garden can offer a bit of paradise.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not opposed to hard work!  I just want to garden smartly and leave a little space for other surprises …




About jody

mother of two amazing individuals, daughter, sister, artist, partner - devoted to knitting, quilting, gardening,writing,painting, reading, sewing, longing to live by the sea
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3 Responses to who doesn’t like saturday?

  1. Hi Jody! The blanket is absolutely lovely, my goodness, you are on a wonderful creative roll! I can only imagine how soft it must be. It is going to be a treasured heirloom. Your quilt is amazing. I would never have thought to quilt with fingering weight yarn. I just love how the tiny stitches of color blend throughout the quilt, what a clever idea! I’m so glad to hear that you are keeping that one for yourself especially with your love of Tula Pink. Harley looks adorable as always. Barkley is doing so much better, he has been suffering some skin irritations the last few months and we have been trying everything. At first we thought it was allergies, the vet recommended a new food supplement and fish oil, it has made a night and day difference. His sores are all healed up and he is acting like my puppy again. Yesterday I had a wonderful afternoon tinkering in my studio, I cleaned out my supply cabinets and went through all my patterns and organized them into binders. It feels so good to know where everything is and exactly what it is I have. I also sorted through all my beads and fabrics. Have a wonderful afternoon ahead Jody, as always your blog gives me so much inspiration! With Love, Delisa 🙂


  2. pratima says:

    Beautiful flowers in your garden! Good luck with the vegetables you are planning for the season. Homegrown veggies are so amazing! Thank you for your sweet comments on the tea cosy post. I mostly buy my fabrics from SuperBuzzy online shop. Sometimes I randomly get something on Etsy if I like any prints.


  3. Hi Jody! Just thought I would pop by this morning and say hello. Thank you for your sweet comments over on my blog. It is always so nice to hear from you. I didn’t know you were a southern belle at heart. 🙂 I can’t imagine how people lived here in days past without air conditioning, but they did. They were certainly a very hardy people. Last year when I went to the county fair, they had completely restored the original farmhouse that was on the property. It was built back in the 1870’s. Every inch of space was used for something practical. It was pretty amazing, the thought that went into it. It had four rooms total counting the kitchen none of them much bigger than 12 x 12 ft. and the family had 13 children! You would have enjoyed the tour, they also had the woman’s original spinning wheel and sewing basket. Wouldn’t that be amazing if 140 years from now our sewing baskets were on display somewhere in a museum. 🙂 Well anyway, my friend I hope a lovely day ahead and have some fun working on all your beautiful projects! With Love, Delisa 🙂


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