last weekend

DSCN6938DSCN6934DSCN6936One of the last golden days of November found a finished top.  Love this so much.DSCN6945DSCN6943

The last two blocks inspired by Jolene and Cath – thanks so much ladies!  And looking ahead …DSCN6948


About jody

mother of two amazing individuals, daughter, sister, artist, partner - devoted to knitting, quilting, gardening,writing,painting, reading, sewing, longing to live by the sea
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2 Responses to last weekend

  1. Hi Jody! I’m sorry that I have not been by for a visit for quite awhile. How time has been flying. How wonderful to find your beautiful, beautiful quilt top! Oh my goodness it is a masterpiece. All of the things you make are so wonderful, but this one is extra special. My needles and hooks have been on hold the last few weeks as we continue with our home remodeling project. I know you understand what that is like.

    It seems endless but we are getting down to the wire now and all that needs to be completed is the master bath. I have to work on picking out the tiles this week. It does look very pretty and the colors are so much more soothing to me. After we bought the house eight years ago, we were so tired from the cross country move and all the other home remodels we did, that we made the decision to just lived with everything the way it was, despite the fact that it wasn’t to our taste, determined to tackle it when it was finally all worn out. So the time finally came.

    The color scheme we chose is butter cream yellow for most of the walls with various shades of blue and light cream accents. Then the quest bathroom is a beautiful sea blue, almost the same color as a bright summer sky. We used my pair of antique, sparkling turquois blue fenton glass baskets as accents and filled them up with special sea shells we have collected over the years and next I came across a beautiful white battenburg lace shower curtain with glass shell shower hooks. When the wind blows through the window it feels just like were down by the water.

    My goal this time was to try to bring the feel of the outdoors in, especially on days when I am not feelling too well and cannot be in the garden. Your quilts bring sunshine into every corner of the room, I cant wait to see them finished. i know I have said this before, but I feel so honored to have met you through our blogs and your hard work inspires me everyday. It has made me more fearless about tackling big projects and just jumping right in. Have a lovely day ahead tomorrow, unitl next time, with love, Delisa 🙂 P.S. Barkley sends his love too. !


  2. jody says:

    So very wonderful to hear from you Delisa! I hope that you will post some of your redecorating soon! The butter yellow walls are wonderful – my living room is comforting in that shade. I’d like to bring in the feeling of the ocean in my home – soft aqua and whitewashed. Scott is a slug so far and I don’t know!!!!
    Thank you for your kind comments – you always lift my spirits! Tell Barkley that his friend Harley is getting awfully chubby!
    much love-


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