It looks as if the color ‘orchid’ will be popular in 2014.  I’m rarely ahead of the curve (although I’ve always suspected that Martha Stewart steals my ideas while I sleep), but I did start this little project in 2013 –DSCN7096DSCN7094I had gathered some Tula Pink purples together for a baby quilt.  This little baby has since been born and named ‘Tuulah’ – a perfect coincidence!  Are there such things as coincidences?  It’s a subject for debate and always a delight when the universe lines up in a quilter’s favor!  DSCN7098DSCN7092DSCN7093That orchid theme keeps popping up in my studio.

It’s Saturday, and it’s snowing… my favorite combination –DSCN7089I have a St. Louis 16 patch on the design wall and a new Economy block which really exemplifies my Saturday mood.DSCN7091DSCN7084The blocks are all DS fabrics purchased from JoAnn during their sales – the ONLY time you will find me wandering those aisles!  I hope that yours is a creatively wonderful weekend!

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mother of two amazing individuals, daughter, sister, artist, partner - devoted to knitting, quilting, gardening,writing,painting, reading, sewing, longing to live by the sea
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2 Responses to orchid

  1. pratima says:

    Your ‘Tuulah’ blocks are simply stunning! The Orchid color really stands out! Isn’t it thrilling to find good sale fabrics, the blocks you are making with DS fabrics are gorgeous! Love that Raccoon block 🙂


  2. Hi Jody, I loved the line about Martha stealing your ideas as you sleep. That made me smile. Your projects are coming along beautifully. I have some very sad news to pass along today, earlier this week my Barkley dog passed away. I wanted to let you personally because I know you have always said so many sweet things about him and I know how much you love your animals too. He had a stroke or brain aneurism of some kind and just died as we were playing outside in the backyard. He didn’t suffer. I was out there with him and from the time he fell to the time he died, it was only seconds. As you can imagine our hearts are broken in two and the shock and suddeness of it all has been terrible, but we are doing the best we can and all our friends and family have been a great comfort. I am so very thankful of all the time we did have together and thankful that he went, doing something he loved and that mine was the last face he saw. That is a most merciful way for a good dog to pass away. Looking at it that way has really helped me. With Love, Delisa


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