i see you

Did you see the film Avatar?  “I see you” was a greeting, a way of saying I love you, I am devoted to you, etc.  I really enjoyed that film on so many different levels.  Today, I spoke with a beloved friend and she helped me to understand that even when I don’t SEE me, she does.  And that is enough.

I haven’t shared in this blog the small nuances – the ups and downs of life.  I’ve kept myself tightly wrapped.  It feels sinister at times, and inauthentic.  I have always worn my heart on my sleeve, and my blog does not reflect this of late – it is more a report, a listing, if you will, of what I’ve been creating.  No thought attached.

So – it’s MY blog, and does not have to adhere to any standard other than the one that I maintain for it.  Hold onto your seats – I’m back.  Thank you Lally, I love you, truly.

I have been struggling with my authentic craft.  It is easy and bewitching and distracting to follow what everyone else is creating and then to drop into place and devise the same kinds of fiber works.  I want to applaud those who create and share.  I have enjoyed hours and hours of internet surfing – and have been inspired time and again – finding reasons to race up to my studio to try something that I’ve seen, something that I MUST work through.  In the doing I feel that I have lost something essential – my own voice.  My work.  Not an imitation of all that I’ve seen, but a deeply profound statement or two from the heart, from the soul, from that bottomless streaming well of creativity.

When I am unable to create something original, I go to my little Economy blocks.  They have become my port in the storm – a kind of a record of the fabrics that I am storing. They require little thought or concentration, they just ARE.DSCN7108DSCN7102This may be my all time favorite as the outer fabric was given to me by my lovely friend Ayumi of Pink Penquin – so sweet, so special.

I have been especially interested in cyclical patterns, although I shudder to think about the hand sewing involved.  Karen Stone is one of my mentors- I bow to her work.DSCN7100

This is something that evolved today.  I like it, but I’m not “there” yet.  Not even close.DSCN7106

Here you see my completed top, the St Louis 16 patch in DS fabrics.  Don’t you love these images of quilts being pieced together?  I am thrilled to have finished this one and I hope to get it together in the next few days.  It’s a wedding gift for a special couple.  In reality, I am supposed to be working on baskets for a local shop.DSCN7110Apparently these pretty things do not linger in the shop for long.  But I am hard pressed to make them in volume!  I can manage three or four at a time, and I am grateful that they are popular!  I aim to add some needle cases soon.  Before you know it, I might be able to quit my day job!  That may be wishful thinking!DSCN7103It was 14 degrees in New York state with a steady wind this morning – perfect for airing out the quilts!  And then the snow began …











and the like!

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mother of two amazing individuals, daughter, sister, artist, partner - devoted to knitting, quilting, gardening,writing,painting, reading, sewing, longing to live by the sea
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6 Responses to i see you

  1. Kristin says:

    Love love love the economy blocks!


  2. Bec says:

    I love your work, I love the red cross blocks that look like they are becoming an improv quilt, I love that low volume quilt you recently made, I check your blog regularly and there are probably only 5 blogs that I do this for. Keep up your blogging, I believe their is a lot of originality in your work.


  3. What do I see? Coral. The color of coral is all over this post. Shells from Florida, cheeks frosted by cold, dog tongues….lots of great color color. Love that quilt!!!!


  4. jody says:

    you are so on target! Coral is my favorite – sometimes I call it by other names, but I always return to it!


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