sorrow, shared

My dear friend Delisa from Dances With Yarn lost her golden retriever this past week.  His name was Barkley and he was a magnificent boy.  She and her husband were lucky enough to share his world for a decade.  It hurts me to know, to recognize the kind of sorrow that they are experiencing, as I too have loved a golden beyond comprehension, and had to say goodbye.

My Harley dog is eight years old now.  His face began to gray last summer and his gait has a hitch in it.  He grows lumps at an alarming rate and we call him ‘Lumpy’ because this dark humor helps to erase the fear of losing him to these mysterious growths.DSCN1458Those of us who cannot imagine life lived without our four footed companions know “the painful deal with animals is this: they love us, no questions asked, but we have to go on without them.”  -Anne Raver

I am a dog lover.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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2 Responses to sorrow, shared

  1. Thank you Jody so much for your post today about Barkley, it is so dear to my heart and I appreciate your comforting words so much. It helps to have friends who really understand. It has made all the difference to me. Today was the one week anniversary.

    I stopped off at Barkley’s vet and told them what happened. The doctor assured me that he too thought it was an aneurism, because of the quickness of everything and stroke-like symptoms. It relieved my mind a great deal. He said, he was pretty sure that it wasn’t a heart attack and absolutely sure that I could not have prevented it. He said it could have happened at any time and for me to be thankful that I was with him so that I was able to know for sure that he didn’t suffer. Even though I have tried not to, I have rolled what happened over in my head so many times, that I had become tired and confused. It really put my mind at rest for me, to hear it from his doctor.

    I came home and took one of my favorite picture of Barkley, (it was one taken a couple of years ago, on a happy autumn day, when he was helping me model a pair of gloves for the blog 🙂 , and I went out and sat next to his grave. It is hard to describe, but I felt such a sense of peace and the moment I had dreaded experiencing since the very first day I brought him home as a chewy, fluffy puppy, was now a reality. But it didn’t feel at all like I had expected it would. There was grief, but not despair, because the love and the happiness he gave me was just so very big.

    Thanks again Jody and pet dear Harley for me and give him an extra kiss and a milk bone from his adopted “Aunt” Delisa 🙂 With Love, Delisa


    • jody says:

      Just know that you are held closely in my heart – that these days will pass and the grief will change its form. What your hearts have loved, can never be taken away. I have an image imprinted of Barkley’s giant golden head with all of his softies around him. It makes me smile.


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