how it begins

Today’s Buzz is first up because it is THAT important!  Last time I mentioned that our busy bees get very thirsty and finding clean shallow water can be difficult for them.  Shallow is the operative word here, because bees will drown quickly if they have nothing to anchor themselves on to.  You can make a bee ‘cafe’ very easily using things that you probably have in the potting shed. A shallow wide bowl whose bottom is completely covered with clean stones, shells, moss, etc works perfectly.  I add fresh flower blossoms and water each morning.DSCN7486 The bees like to land on the moss and have a relaxing sip or two.  Be sure to change the water daily and use bottled if yours has chlorine in it.DSCN7498The Go-To-Guy came home from a lengthy fishing trip this week and I told him that he looked like he had just wandered down from Crippled Creek!  He was mildly amused.DSCN7491He is very overdue for a haircut because he is joining some friends in July who will have their heads shaven for the Friends Helping Friends charity that we support.  I don’t know who will pledge money to observe this phenomenon, but I personally think he is both brave and dorky to agree to this.  It’s all for charity, he explains.  Go figure.

When we first moved to this little slice of heaven, I used to take my needlework outdoors every spare moment that I found – to sit quietly and take it all in, to dream, to make gardens in my mind, to unwind from the constant cleaning and unpacking.  Early on, the neighbor’s chickens would stroll across the lawns to join me, scratching out a place to sit, taking individual dust baths, and pecking at the occasional unfortunate passing bug.  I loved their quiet chatter and the clucking sounds, the comforting buck, buck, BUCK that I learned to imitate.  I miss them.  I entertained thoughts of chicken husbandry, but quickly found that they required more than I was willing to offer in terms of care and housing. Anyway.

I found a delightful blog while doing my chicken research.  She calls herself Henhouse and celebrates all things vintage-quilty.  She raises chickens.  She’s my kind of broad.  She created a Spider Web quilt which I really admired – so much so that I started my own version last night.DSCN7505DSCN7504DSCN7508DSCN7510 Each quilt has its own journey.  This one began with the remembrance of those lazy summer afternoons spent hanging out with chickens. DSCN7500 The agapanthus that my sister left me is getting ready for the big reveal!  I can hardly wait.  Meanwhile, I have these …DSCN7495 Yes, the plan is to paint the house when the New Dawn climber is finished with its show.

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4 Responses to how it begins

  1. Kristin says:

    That quilt makes me gasp! So beautiful!


  2. Hi Jody! Love the idea for the bee cafe. That is so clever. It is so important to help the bees to thrive in our environments. A friend of ours has several of his own bee hives and we have learned a great deal from him over the years and it has been fascinating. We had seriously considered setting up hives of our own, but our dear neighbor next door, who owns the horses, is deathly allergic to bee stings and asked us not to. I can appreciate her predicament. Every time she goes out to the barn she has to carry an Epi-pen in case she gets stung. So maybe someday. But until then I have really enjoyed learning more about them and the vital role they play.

    I loved the joke about Cripple Creek! 🙂 My husband was little shaggy a couple of weeks ago as well. I enjoyed the pictures of your sewing space. My niece came by today and put up some new curtain rods in my upstairs/studio/sewing room/tea room. 🙂 I like shady places and the light coming in upstairs can be a little too bright for me at times. I decided to refurbish my old dining room curtains to fit upstairs. They are long and sheer with swags that have a pretty delicate border of lace and little pearls. I got them years and years ago at Walmart and they still look like new, maybe just a little more mellowed with age. My Mom used to always say: “No matter what…save your curtains”. I can’t tell you how much time and energy that little sage piece of advice has saved me over the years.

    Olivia has just changed Galleries and is now on River Street. She has a little more room to put up her paintings and displays and the new gallery has a lot more foot traffic. She just got all moved this week and I am hoping to get over to see it soon. Have a wonderful evening tonight and I hope you have a fun weekend ahead with lots of happy sewing! With Love, Delisa 🙂


  3. Jan says:

    Really love the Spider Web pattern, but seriously, is it really frustrating trying to match everything up?


    • jody says:

      Hi Jan,
      no, the web sections are all paper pieced and they fit together beautifully – almost with pinning! Go for it! You won’t be disappointed.


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