DSCN7727DSCN7730DSCN7729Synergy is the name of this quilt that I made for our Friends Helping Friends 2014 charity event.  Synergism is what happens with this group – they come together and do good work, quietly, without fanfare.  I feel profoundly grateful to be involved.

DSCN7726The echinacea borders seemed so perfect – a flower with healing properties.  The people that our event helps sincerely need all of the comfort and healing that we can offer.  Once again this year Kristin of Under The Rainbow Quilting generously provided the machine quilting.  She is an extraordinarily generous soul and she has a boatload of talent!  I am very honored to be able to call her my friend and have the opportunity to work with her.  She is very patient with me as I inevitably run close to deadline.  I need to work on that.DSCN7728Raffles for this piece are five dollars, or six for twenty.  If you live nearby and would like to take a chance, let me know.  We raffle this beauty off on Saturday.

And I am off to Nantucket.

Today’s Buzz; Remember to keep clean water in your bee ‘spas’ daily.  In the northeast we are experiencing a very dry late summer and the bees especially need hydrating.



About jody

mother of two amazing individuals, daughter, sister, artist, partner - devoted to knitting, quilting, gardening,writing,painting, reading, sewing, longing to live by the sea
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2 Responses to synergy

  1. pratima says:

    Hi Jody, stunning quilt with gorgeous colors! The piecing looks very intricate.
    I didn’t realize you are blogging from here, I was following your new blog and thinking you must be on a break. So glad to see you are sewing and posting here 🙂


  2. Rebecca Kleister says:

    it’s been a long time since I have visited your wonderful blog – love your creativity!!


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