we need a little christmas



About jody

mother of two amazing individuals, daughter, sister, artist, partner - devoted to knitting, quilting, gardening,writing,painting, reading, sewing, longing to live by the sea
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4 Responses to we need a little christmas

  1. pratima says:

    Sooooo cute!!! How are you, Jody? I have been thinking of you, hope you are keeping warm and enjoying this holiday season!! Lots of love & warmest wishes!!!


    • jody says:

      Hello Pratima! I am fine, thank you! Planning engagement party for my daughter – it is keeping me BUSY! Hope to be posting again soon. I love your little letters … I send you much love and wishes for joy this holiday!!! xox


  2. That dog looks doubtful that Santa is coming!


  3. Loretta says:

    HI Jody, glad to see you! Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas!


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