socks, bread quilts and a mermaid in a fishbowl

DSCN8412DSCN8415DSCN8419DSCN8421DSCN8417DSCN8423Yes, I am still knitting!  I just finished another pair of Skpy socks in Blue Moon Fiber medium weight.  The color reminds me of ripe avocado flesh.  This yarn is truly special and I keep meaning to stock (sock!) up on my favorites.  The problem is that BMFA does not make a color that I don’t need.

At the end of a long winter I started making artisan bread again.  Go figure.  I have a problem keeping the dough warm as our old house is very drafty.  I said to myself – “Self, you are a quilter.  Make a bread bowl quilt!”  Duh.  This little mushroom and gnome are backed in terrycloth which makes for a substantially warmer covering than a dish towel provides.  Does anyone out there still make bread?  Do you think that there will ever be a need for a bread bowl quilt pattern? LOL

My daughter has a stepsister who has an enchanting five year old daughter.  Alyvia is a strong minded girl and she stayed outdoors too long during our zero degree days.  As a result, she sustained terrible frostbite on her small legs and was hospitalized.  She underwent a painful stay in the burn unit, but I am happy to report that she is healing well.  I decided to make a throw for her days ahead resting on the couch – mermaids (which she loves) in fishbowls.  Imagine having your very own mermaid and small octopus swimming about in a fishbowl?  I enjoyed the making very much.


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mother of two amazing individuals, daughter, sister, artist, partner - devoted to knitting, quilting, gardening,writing,painting, reading, sewing, longing to live by the sea
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6 Responses to socks, bread quilts and a mermaid in a fishbowl

  1. jenniferfirmin says:

    I LOVE baking bread! Except for the kneading part. 🙂 And I adore the idea of a bread quilt…


  2. Adore the mermaid! How very dear….I hope the little one enjoys it, and never strays too far from its warmth and security on a cold Winter day!


  3. pratima says:

    Soft and squishy, and very pretty quilt for the little girl! Beautiful fun blocks and letters, there are so many cute things to entertain her. Freshly baked bread and a house filled with its warm scents is so comforting at this time, love the plump mushroom and adorable gnome!


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