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what we do, what we love

When you walk into my mud room, this is what you see …I wonder if my New York State peonies would be as lovely grown on Nantucket.  What I wouldn’t give to find out!The pansies have been spectacular this spring!These … Continue reading

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waiting to finish

I’m sitting at work waiting for someone to delegate or generate something for me to do.  Admissions work is cyclical – lightning and pelting rain one day, soft air and magnolias the next.  Begin again.  We are in the quiet magnolia … Continue reading

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all that we do

I have never trusted the spring.  It’s a sneaky time, wrought with illness, accidents and death.  Most people think of spring as renewal – I disagree.  Behind every emerging daffodil lurks a potential catastrophe, a broken heart, an unspeakable sadness. … Continue reading

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