all that we do

I have never trusted the spring.  It’s a sneaky time, wrought with illness, accidents and death.  Most people think of spring as renewal – I disagree.  Behind every emerging daffodil lurks a potential catastrophe, a broken heart, an unspeakable sadness.

We started off with a three alarm fire in which one person perished, my son and another firefighter were injured, and a third collapsed and later died of a coronary event.  If you live within 60 miles of our area (Dutchess County, NY) you read about firefighter Tim Gunther’s passing.  He was given a hero’s procession – he’ll not be forgotten.

My son is healing.  He is eager to return to work.  We celebrated his 32nd birthday this week with a red devil’s food cake from Paula Deen’s grandmother’s recipe.  It was scrumptious, just like himself.  I want to follow him around like I did when he was four to make certain that no one or nothing will harm him.  My dreams are filled of baby images – his chubby legs and sweet smile.  I’ve stepped up my prayer life.

Earlier this week one of Scott’s young relatives was killed instantly in a scooter accident.  She was a vibrant 24 year old, perched on the brink of life – everything before her. Gone.

Last night I watched while a car raced up our hill and hit a neighboring cat.  The driver never even stopped although the sound of impact could be heard from many feet away.  It was that sound that made me stop in my tracks and turn to face the road.  Poor old ginger cat – you slept on my front porch and had a bowl and bedding next door as well, while your true home you avoided (too much noise?)  We all looked out for you.

I thank my lucky stars that I was given the gift of creativity.  Being able to tuck away in my studio and invent something pleasing, something beautiful or useful is a saving grace.  The garden stands idle, the tomato plants and onion sets wondering why they’ve been ignored.  Where is she?  It’s time for our roots to set down, our seeds to burst forth!  She is upstairs with her fabrics, her designs, her endless cutting and piecing and quilting.  She is healing her heart.DSCN8532DSCN8533DSCN8503DSCN8504I’ve stayed crazy busy.  The big finish this week is a quilt top for my dear sister.  It began life as a wedding gift for her son and his fiancee who live in Taos, NM.  The Cotton and Steel “Taos” line spoke to me and I launched into beautiful big blocks.  DSCN8509As the quilt came into focus it began to speak to me, softly.  My nephew HAS Taos.  My sister does not, she misses her son and perhaps a Taos quilt will be of comfort to her in ways that she will appreciate.  Curious how these things go…DSCN8519DSCN8522Not typically given to superstition, I have heard that bad things occur in three’s.  So we have have our three terrible happenings.  Perhaps it is safe to return to the garden now and take in some spring air.DSCN8523


About jody

mother of two amazing individuals, daughter, sister, artist, partner - devoted to knitting, quilting, gardening,writing,painting, reading, sewing, longing to live by the sea
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7 Responses to all that we do

  1. Sorry for your rough time! We lost our dog this week and I am trying to sew to get over my sadness and find solace in creativity. Good luck!


  2. Colleen says:

    I’m so sorry to read of your losses. I do think that when we have several sad events come into our lives it tends to become our focus. This has been the case for me recently as well so you are not alone. Things will get better, they always do. Your sewing projects are beautiful ! You are so right about the gift of creativity. Crank up Carole Kings Tapestry album and sew on !


    • jody says:

      Thank you ladies. I appreciate your encouragement. And Colleen, I LOVE ‘Tapestry’!!!! That certainly was my era. Laura Nyro too. And Richie Havens … Van Morrison …


      • Colleen says:

        Van Morrison, awe, another favorite of this “Brown Eyed Girl” with “This Weight” and “Days like This” I’ll have to get to the ” Philosophers Stone” and look on the “Bright Side of the Road”….lol !


  3. Jayne says:

    Though you’ve made me weep, the world still seems a good place with Andrew safe and one of your magnificent creations floating freely in the wind. xoxo


  4. etwaswolle says:

    Hi Jody
    Someone on FB posted about the fire…actually wondered about Andrew.
    Glad he is ok – thinking of you always….
    ❤ Becky


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