socks and stuff

DSCN8617DSCN8616The Go-To Guy received chunky delicious boot socks for Fathers Day.  These were knit from Knit Picks ‘Pearl’ Hawthorne fingering weight.  They require two skeins, but the outcome is definitely worth the expense.  Inspired by the lovely Arianna, I plan to fill his sock drawer so that this coming winter he will have toasty feet every day.  We had a brutal winter last year and he spent a lot of it outdoors.  Hats are next!DSCN8620DSCN8619This is what happens when one is not paying attention to the kitchener stitch!DSCN8621My photo doesn’t begin to do this yarn justice – it’s ‘Nirvana’ by Carol Sunday in the softest shell pink.  I am knitting a pullover, the name of which escapes me.  Just wanted to let you know – Carol’s yarns are to die for and everything that I desire in a yarn – generous yardage, great color selection, humanely grown and beautifully packaged.  Go see her.  Go now.DSCN8628DSCN8635We’ve got some serious climbing hydrangea this season!  I love the lushness of late June in the garden.  The plants thrive despite the lazy gardener, weeds and flowers finding their own way, room for all.  I might pitch a fit before leaving for New Mexico in July.  I might not.DSCN8633DSCN8603I’m still adding to my collection of economy blocks.  There must be enough for a good sized quilt by now!  And speaking of quilting, please stop back this week as I will be hosting a Giveaway sponsored by RJR fabrics.  Here’s a hint ….. Pie. Making. Day.

Last night we enjoyed an enormous pot of steamed clams.  I always take the shells out to the garden where they mingle with the compost.  I put some in the beds because I like the appearance of something seaside in my NY garden.  Always a dreamer, I imagine that the shore is just beyond the stone wall and rows of apple trees in my back yard.  I digress.  The good dog and I were returning to the house when I noticed that he had some kind of treasure in his mouth.  Retrievers are rascals – they are fast and tricky.  You cannot take your eyes off of them, especially the older ones.  They always surprise you.  Harley raced into the house, did some circles around the dining room table and then settled down to enjoy his stolen clam.  You would have thought he had a prime rib!  Love that boy.

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mother of two amazing individuals, daughter, sister, artist, partner - devoted to knitting, quilting, gardening,writing,painting, reading, sewing, longing to live by the sea
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3 Responses to socks and stuff

  1. pratima says:

    Your garden is lush and beautiful, lovely to see all kinds of flowers blooming. Cute Economy blocks, Love the fussy cut centers, it will be a delightful picture when all the blocks line up in neat rows!


  2. Annie says:

    I love your socks, what pattern did you use? I would love to make some like those for my hubby.


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