a new way of seeing

It’s good to be home.  I was happy to climb the stairs to my sewing studio and even happier to find that I had a new prospective -one that I may have gained in New Mexico.  Suddenly I found myself no longer interested in some of my smaller, fussy-cut projects.  I wanted bigger – I wanted clean spaces – I wanted simple.DSCN8734DSCN8737DSCN8739I went walking through the local JoAnn fabric store.  I saw a cotton (the yellow print on the lower left of this piece) and it “spoke” to me.  I cannot tell you how rare an occurrence this is.  Since we lost our wonderful quilt shop in Woodstock, I have had to rely on several brilliant online shops for fabric.  I’m not complaining.  I just miss walking the aisles of a really great fabric shop and selecting my goods by touch, by sight, by heart! Anyway, the yellow print came home and out came Anna Graham’s fantastic book, “Handmade Style” and before long I had a small quilt that pleased me very very much.  DSCN8740Since I was on a winning streak, I decided to make some of Anna’s wide mouthed bags.  SO MUCH FUN!DSCN8741This photo ‘shoot’ took me out to the gardens which have largely beenDSCN8744 ignored due to extreme heat.  The pergola is covered with grapes and wisteria.DSCN8749DSCN8747DSCN8750The Day Lily border is magnificent.  Mid July is something to see in my New York garden!

I have been working on this year’s quilt for the Friends Helping Friends event.  I was asked to create something along the lines of a ‘golf theme’.  Oh boy.  What came to mind were greens … and nine holes …DSCN8756DSCN8755

Can I just say that GREEN is my least favorite color?  I really had to dig to find any assortment in my stash worthy of a nine patch.  Truthfully, I had to get online and order!  It’s good to stretch, to get out of one’s safe zone.  It seems as though that is the theme for the summer of 2015.




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mother of two amazing individuals, daughter, sister, artist, partner - devoted to knitting, quilting, gardening,writing,painting, reading, sewing, longing to live by the sea
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One Response to a new way of seeing

  1. Colleen says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your series on your wedding trip – that’s a part of the USA I haven’t traveled to. You’ve done a lot of sewing since you’ve been back ! The colours in your day lilies are spectacular ! I have some coral coloured ones and would love to add some like your eggplant with the green throat. Isn’t it great how being away and then coming home can give new perspective and energy.


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