dog (and knitting) days

DSCN8772They are back with a steamy fury – the dog days of late July.  Here in the Hudson River Valley we are often ‘treated’ to one brutal week in July and another in August.  We’ve already had our July blast, but it appears that we are in for another.  Harley and I go outdoors early these mornings and enjoy the air until it begins to turn sauna-like.DSCN8773A quick stroll through the gardens reveals that someone has been sampling the tomatoes.DSCN8774The basil wants harvesting … I need to make tubs of pesto to get us through the winter months.  I always run out.DSCN8785The Buddha sits quietly in a maze of blooming thyme.  I wish that the birds would stop pooping on his head.  One suspects that he would not mind – that he would find some feature of goodness in the act.  Nonetheless, I’m going to hose him down this evening!DSCN8765Knitting through the heat of the summer seems a peculiar phenomenon to some – mostly, I suspect, are non-knitters.  For me, there is an inexpressible joy that summer knitting brings.  I am a cold weather person which means that I’ll want to have my winter knits ready to wear when the snow flies.  DSCN8764I finally completed the Anne Hanson ‘Cradle Me’ blanket.  This was a beautiful and daunting knit.  It took several years (on and off) to complete.  My photograph cannot begin to do the pattern and wool justice, so I will retry the image after the piece is washed and blocked.  Whenever I finish a large project I always give myself permission to immediately cast on another.  I’ll bet I’m not alone!DSCN8767Heaven.  Paula Kuchera’s (White Barn Farm) cormo, alpaca and silk blend – grown on her farm in Gardener, NY.  This is the most beautiful yarn that I have worked on in a long time – probably since the Lobster Pot cashmere days.  I marvel at its hand – turning it over and over and knitting the most basic blanket that I can showcases the exquisite nature of the yarn.  I wish that you could touch it.  You CAN order it online. White Barn Farm.comDSCN8757DSCN8758My dear sister sent a hand painted skein from Taos.  It reminds me of the wide open skies of the high desert and will be shaped into socks … one can never have too many socks.

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mother of two amazing individuals, daughter, sister, artist, partner - devoted to knitting, quilting, gardening,writing,painting, reading, sewing, longing to live by the sea
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