turkey and bluebirds

I didn’t cook this holiday.  We went out to eat.  It did not sit right – I went to bed with a heavy heart and the next morning started a grocery list!  I roasted a turkey, prepared the sweet potato casserole, the giblet gravy, cornbread apple walnut stuffing, etc.  Today we will enjoy our meal with mom.  It’s a bright clear Sunday with lots of sunshine and cool temperatures.  The only things left in the gardens to decorate our table were rose hips, bittersweet and perennial grass fronds.  I felt like an authentic colonist.


The dogs were on hand to make certain that the floor stayed clean.  The ‘floor’ is now stripped down to plywood since Miss Tula made short work of the old carpeting.  I think it would be prudent to wait until she clears puppyhood to reinstall flooring.



My dear old Harley is so tolerant of this clown.  He endures all kinds of bad behavior.  I keep an extremely close watch and can hear in his ‘growl’ when enough is enough.  Then I separate this duo.

Here is an image of the Christmas quilt top that I nearly finished on retreat –


It’s a holiday line from Penny Rose.  One of my retreat-mates pointed out that the reindeer looked just like Tula!  (chubby cheeked, merry and hopping through the air!) There is something so sixty-ish about the line – others might call it vintage.  Whatever the description – it reminds me of a time when Christmas was magic and anything was possible.  A time when coveted Chatty Cathy dolls appeared and board games and slippers and sounds on the roof.

DSCN9117Mom completed another one of her wonderful whole cloth quilts.  When she finishes I have the honor of selecting a binding and I embroider her name on the piece.  This one was really special – she made the backing out of a fine grade linen which laundered beautifully and is ready to comfort – I wanted to crawl under it instead of handing it over!

DSCN9127Did I mention that I have been watching the Hallmark channel while sewing this weekend?  Too many sugary happy endings – I switched to another channel and watched all four hours of Gone With the Wind.  I remember reading the novel for the first time while home with the flu in the late sixties.  I alternated between Scarlett O’Hara and Cousin Brucie on the radio!  Time flies.

And the bluebirds?  I was walking the dogs out back and noticed activity around the pergola.  Closer inspection revealed at least three couples of American Bluebirds!!!  I was completely captivated.  This morning they returned – inspecting an old apple tree for the longest time, slipping in and out of the holes drilled by our huge piliated woodpeckers.  Does this mean that they are on their way south and stopped in to see our real estate?  I hope so.  Come back bluebirds.  Come back.

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mother of two amazing individuals, daughter, sister, artist, partner - devoted to knitting, quilting, gardening,writing,painting, reading, sewing, longing to live by the sea
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  1. stephanie kidd says:

    I love this post thank you.


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