The signs of Christmas are fast approaching – like it not, here it comes – the Silly Season.  Try as I might, I cannot engage… yet.  It will take a concert, a tree lighting, a choir of young voices at a midnight service to transform my hardened heart.  The losses that are carried each year into this season of merriment make it more and more difficult to genuinely enjoy Christmas.  We need a gain!  (we need a baby).  From where I sit, the only ‘babies’ in our family are of the four legged variety.  It’s just not the same!

Well, there’s always the quilting.  It’s a good distraction.


Breaking out the Cotton and Steel is satisfying.  I haven’t got a plan, no charts or sketches or maps to guide me – just the slow enjoyment of building blocks around the calico cross which is my favorite. It reminds me of Liberty prints and  the 60’s when calico was ones’ only fabric choice for quilts.  ‘Everything old is new again’ applies to quilt fabric too.


Today my quilt guild celebrates with a holiday brunch at a waterfront restaurant.  We are each to bring a wrapped pillow and there will be some sort of an exchange.  I decided that my Facing East blocks would translate into a good pillow sized at 20″ which was the only requirement.



There’s something disturbingly anatomical about the end result, which I didn’t see until the pillow form went into place. Owl eyes or breasts?  Oh well, too late to make a replacement!  Hopefully the recipient will like the AGF solids and linen so much that she will overlook her chesty pillow!




One of my guild friends requested a needle case – she is also a knitter so I included these wonderful little stitch markers.  I’ve forgotten the name of the English company that sells them, but they are easy to find on the Purl Soho website.


Tula is on her third round of antibiotics.  She is still phlegmy and honks like a goose, but her appetite is robust and she is gaining weight (and attitude!)  She has a play date today with Stanley and Stella (pug and boston terrier).  Stella is older and sweeter and a distant relative.  I hope that they run her legs off!  She needs some exercise – the kind that only her fleet footed breed can provide.

The December days are shorter, the nights cooler.  There is a vat of split pea soup on the stove, homemade croutons to follow.  Soup is the ticket.


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mother of two amazing individuals, daughter, sister, artist, partner - devoted to knitting, quilting, gardening,writing,painting, reading, sewing, longing to live by the sea
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3 Responses to sunday

  1. arianna81 says:

    I lovvvve that pillow pattern! Gorgeous. All gorgeous work, really. You are so talented.

    So glad to hear the little one is improving, too!! 🙂


  2. Colleen says:

    glad to hear that Tula is getting better, it must have been something truly stubborn to have all those antibiotics. The calico blocks look so nice – that pink fabric is calling to me must. resist…..
    I’ve been meaning to ask you if you enlarged the giraffe block from the Ark book ? The blocks in the book are all on the small side but I wonder if using a photo copy machine might mess up the proportions ?


    • jody says:

      Hi Colleen,
      I did not enlarge the giraffes and yes, they are pretty small! But I think that you could enlarge them to a certain degree – maybe 125% or so? I wouldn’t go too much larger than that, but give it a try! You never know. That pink is a Cotton and Steel called Bowling Night. I absolutely love it. I want to line Tula’s knitted stocking with it! She is a bugger, but I believe that she is on the mend – still has congestion, but that might be life long. We’re looking into pet insurance!

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