bff and knitting the blues

DSCN9180DSCN9179DSCN9181DSCN9191A new addiction – machine quilted Boxy Pouches (tutorial: Pinkxstitches).  The smaller size is perfect as a one skein project bag and offers yet another opportunity to showcase my favorite fabrics.  Of course, there are endless possibilities for this bag – when filled with colored pens and pencils it makes great company for the recent coloring book trend.  Cosmetics, small electronic devices, golf ball holder, pet supplies, let your imagination soar.  The pattern is wicked fast and easy.  And free of charge.

My BFF flew in for the holidays to be with her youngest daughter and a select few of her very lucky friends.  Taking turns was hard, but I was patient and had her all to myself on Sunday.  We drove up to Tivoli where we had brunch at the Hotel.  The service was great in a landmark building – warm and welcoming and dressed for the holiday (I highly recommend their fresh quinoa toast, served with delicious bacon and eggs and salad).  Then it was off to Fabulous Yarn where we oohed and ahhed our way through the yarny goodness.  We spent a long time in a tiny space patting the cashmeres – stroking the organic cottons – drooling over the Moving Mud button collections.  My friend GETS it, she gets ME.  Time stands still as we pick up in the exact place where we left off several years ago.  I’ve missed her so very much.

DSCN9193DSCN9194I’d promised myself that I would behave.  But Santa WANTED me to have a skein of ArtYarns ‘Glitter’ cashmere.  And there might have been a skein of Malabrigo as well as a Madelinetosh Light Sock that came home with me.  But I swear that I put the buttons back in the bin!  Earlier in the week this arrived …DSCN9188So I had no business being greedy.  Maybe it was the anticipation and excitement of spending time with my dear friend, maybe it was the warmth that had lingered after a  little holiday time with my son, or could I blame it on the moonlit sky Christmas Eve brought us?  Sweetness all around.  The kind that you just want to go on and on . . .DSCN91922015 was the quietest Christmas that I can ever remember.  It was a merry little Christmas spent without racing or running or mall craziness.  The food was simple and scrumptious.  The company was most precious.  And the knitting (after all was said, done and put away) priceless.

I hope that you all enjoyed your holiday too.

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mother of two amazing individuals, daughter, sister, artist, partner - devoted to knitting, quilting, gardening,writing,painting, reading, sewing, longing to live by the sea
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4 Responses to bff and knitting the blues

  1. Kelly says:

    Oh how I hope you post what you make with the glitter cashmere, so beautiful!


    • jody says:

      Kelly – the Glitter is unbelievably scrumptious! I have the pattern all dialed in and ready to go for New Year’s Eve! I will definitely share! Happy New Year to you!


  2. etwaswolle says:

    Jody – I must have been on the same wavelength – I ordered a few things from Fabulous Yarns to make some last minute gifts – my LYS was lacking this time.
    Glad to hear about the Glitter – was wondering if I wanted that… ; )


    • jody says:

      Becky – please order the Glitter and the cowl pattern that accompanies one skein(free). I think that when finished, Ill never take it off! (they had a store sample and it’s irresistible) You would love smashing in any of the colors…especially the vanilla one. Happiest New Year my friend!


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