Going back to work after the holiday break was an effort.  While we were celebrating, students were furiously submitting their applications to our popular institute.  My workload has tripled overnight!  It is not unexpected, but it IS always challenging to find the energy needed for the next few months of the admission processes.  One of the things that sustains me is the 15 or 20 minute break I might give myself to visit my favorite knitting and quilting blogs.  I’ve discovered that many of you are making commitments to finish languishing projects, better known as UFO’s (unfinished objects).  Me too.

The Barn quilt has been ready to hang for many months – simply needing a small bit of binding completed.

DSCN9270DSCN9267I hope that you will forgive these pathetic photos – we have not seen the sun at all this weekend.  I love the Barn quilt – a BOM originated by Lori Holt.  My backing is unique – it is dedicated to our old Jack Russell terrier who passed several years ago.  It says – “you left too soon”.  Still miss you old friend.  Oh, and speaking of old friends – here is a blurry image of the Good Dog – the always sweet and patient love bug –

DSCN9232Back to UFO’s.  I had a love affair with anything Anna Marie Horner and it was time to finish up at least one of the three quilts that I created in the last two years.

DSCN9263DSCN9264There is a lot going on here and the quilt was distracting and even a bit disappointing until this past Saturday, when the answer seemed to appear.  You’ll see it again, perhaps midweek, because I am heading for the finish line!  Another piece, originally destined for a larger quilt, will become a table runner.  Because I said so.DSCN9246 DSCN9257DSCN9259DSCN9258Tula’s Christmas stocking is about ready to jump from the needles!  A toe graft and a cotton cherry lining is all that is left to do.  I can finish this and store it away for next year.  DSCN9234This is the back of a quilt that I finished on Retreat.  It is the next one on the list to be hand quilted.  Just about everything else in my piles will go to my friend Kristin, who machine quilts (Under the Rainbow Quilting) like a dream.  I have plenty to keep her busy in 2016 and I suspect that I am not the only one who does!

Does anyone else have the tiniest touch of the post-holiday blues?  I do.  Christmas came and went much too quickly for me this season.  Just as I settled into its twinkly quiet serenity, the new year came roaring out of nowhere!  I need a few more weekends of soft lights and favorite ornaments and the family gathered closely.  Good food, good company, peace and joy all around.

If blogs had a ‘scratch and sniff ‘ icon you might swoon a little over my sunday afternoon meat sauce.  It’s made with rib and chicken breast and veal shanks and it is a winner when coupled with my homemade ‘gravy’.  I use san marzano tomatoes exclusively and frozen basil from my garden … a few other key ingredients and it’s really exceptionally wonderful.  Filling the house with good food fragrances seems to combat the post-holiday blues somewhat …

My sister sent an image from Tybee beach today – this is not too far from where she lives in Savannah.  The winter beach calls to me.  I wish I were there too – I miss my sister so much.


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mother of two amazing individuals, daughter, sister, artist, partner - devoted to knitting, quilting, gardening,writing,painting, reading, sewing, longing to live by the sea
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