the king of dogs

We had a challenging week, dog wise.  Harley broke out in a hot spot – nothing unusual for a golden retriever, but when I couldn’t get it under control myself, I had to take him to the vet hospital.  It had spread from a dime sized lesion into one that covered 3/4 of the left side of his face.

Dr. Wonderful shaved and cleaned the area and gave him an injection of antibiotics and steroids.  But we weren’t going home with a clean bill of health.  At Christmas I had noticed gum ball sized swellings on either side of his throat and I knew that trouble was brewing.  Because he has lumps and fatty tumors all over his body, I tried to convince myself to hold off.  When the hotspot appeared I knew that there would be no more holding off; that it was time to investigate further.  So – many samples were taken from various node sites and sent off to be examined.  I haven’t heard back yet, but my vet spoke to me about his concern, which is lymphoma.  So if you are the kind of person that includes pets in your prayer life, please say one for my Baby Dog.  Thank you.DSCN9342He is my heart.  We’ve only had about nine years together and selfishly, I’d like more.

This weekend my guild hosted a Sew In at the library in Garrison.  Fun!  DSCN9322Of course food is an important element in a day of sewing.  I can testify that the chocolate cake Kristin brought was amazing.  SO amazing!  It was good to see everyone.  This is a group of quilters who really enjoy each other and the sharing of fiber ideas.  I’m so glad that I found them and that I was able to convince my friend Elaine to come along.  Sewing and quilting is Elaine’s wheelhouse.  In a short afternoon the group recognized her talents and invited her to join our crew!  She said yes!  DSCN9318DSCN9324Here’s Shelly sewing for the first time since her shoulder injury earlier this year.  Go girl!  We missed her at Retreat, but she’s back!DSCN9325Suzy, I don’t know where you get your energy from, but I wish that you’d find a way to bottle it!  This is the woman who ensures that our spaces are reserved, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!  She’s a dynamo.

Back at the house, there was knitting.DSCN9337DSCN9335Mitts and the start of a hat in Cascade Chunky Alpaca.  Dreamy warm – perfect for walking the dogs.  Or even wearing to bed when the house is too cold!  Our old house has the propensity for hanging onto the chilly temperatures.DSCN9327This is a mistake.  This is a mistake in a section of my Spider Web quilt.  I have been working on this piece for well over a year and a half, and this is the first time that I’ve made a big ole glaring mistake!  Just posting it here to show that perfection is overrated.  I am going to finish this quilt before spring arrives (I hope).DSCN9328Although the Spider Web may appear randomly pieced, it is not.  I have put a lot of thought and consideration into each join.  I’m so ready to be done!!!!  I still love this pattern very much and I know that I will enjoy using it and passing it down, but for now – I’m ready to complete it!  I know that you’ve all been there, yes?DSCN9339I adore teapots and I collect them.  See – now you know what to get for me if you feel so inclined!  My friend Lally gave me this sweet cherry pot and another friend sent the most wonderful cozy for it …DSCN9340This is Ayumi Takahashi’s work (Pink Penquin) and one of my most prized fiber possessions!  She is really a genius when it comes to fussy cutting.  She has taken some much deserved time off to raise her young family lately.  We MISS YOU Ayumi, and cannot wait to see you again.

I guess that’s it for this week.  The Christmas decorations are finally down which signals that the new year has begun.  There is a part of me that feels sad – that I’ve somehow missed an important part of the passing holiday and cannot get it back.  Time seems to accelerate these days – how do I explain?  I need to find ways in which to savor each moment.


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9 Responses to the king of dogs

  1. Kelly says:

    Awe! Praying for Harley. I know exactly how you feel about him. Sometimes I feel closer to my Dottie than I do many people. I hope Harley recovers.


  2. Colleen says:

    mmmmm, poor baby dog. Our dog gets those hot spots regularly. From early spring till the snow comes back the vet has her on vanectyl. I used to use an over the counter med called burosol with much success but they stopped making it. I recently discovered Dermburo which is similar. It immediately takes the itch away and helps to heal up the hot spot(s). I mix some up in a plant mister and spray the areas every few hours. If you can’t find any I’d be happy to send you some. Wish I could help with the other concerns.
    I have a teapot collection too but it’s more the pottery version. The tea cosy is really special.


    • jody says:

      Hi Colleen! Thanks for all of that good advice – this is Harley’s third hotspot, which is really great, considering. He keeps digging it open and it’s in the area where the collar-of-shame WOULD go, so I can’t use that. But I’ll call the vet today and ask for some vanectyl. Because his systems are compromised with whatever is brewing,he might have overlooked something like that. I do know that the steroids are working, but the salve is useless against his back foot digging!!!! Thank you again.

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  3. acbeier71 says:

    Hope Haley is going to be okay. It was great talking with you on Saturday at the Guild meeting. I love your blog. And I have quite a few teapots too.


  4. Have you tried meditation? A week end course on mindful meditation helped me to keep my time in check and not let it slip awy. It is an ongoing practice not to be slighted.


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