five days in

…and I’ve already finished hand quilting a piece, configured the quilt guild blocks (with enormous help from my friend Elaine), completed a toddler sweater, pickled beets from my garden and started weeding.  PHEW!  Yes, I am on summer break.  I didn’t mention the naps that I indulged in because that seems unfair to those that cannot (which would be me ten months out of the year!)  Who knew that naps could be so redemptive?

Oh, and I also finished the top and back of a baby quilt for a friend.  I’m waiting on batting.  It’s been very hot and humid in my part of NYS, so staying indoors is not a stretch!  The electric bill will be frightening as the AC has been running pretty much nonstop.  But hey, I ask you, who can sew in the heat?  Or knit?

IMG_0247Coming to the end of this project – short rows await.  (My computer is still on the fritz – it will not accept new images, and I’m waiting on the tech guy to walk me through adjustments that may or may not help).

DSCN8621I’m using Carol Sunday’s exquisite yarn Nirvana in shell pink.  It’s so delicate and the drape is perfection.

The house is very still without Harley, but Tula and I are holding our own.  She sits at the window and gazes out – I wish that I could read her thoughts.  It may be time for another Oscar play date!  There has been some talk of adoption, but it seems premature.  I know that there are many many wonderful dogs in shelters waiting for a forever home, but I’d like for this home to be fully ready, and my heart open – not there yet.




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mother of two amazing individuals, daughter, sister, artist, partner - devoted to knitting, quilting, gardening,writing,painting, reading, sewing, longing to live by the sea
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6 Responses to five days in

  1. Kelly says:

    You will know when the time is right to think about adopting again, until then let yourself grieve (both of you really). Texas has gotten very hot also. I did manage to get 80 half pints of plum jam put up. Pickles are coming on good but I planted them a little late and am hoping they won’t turn bitter before the plants have a chance to really produce. I can’t knit when it’s this hot, but am going in search of batting today to finish a baby quilt for my first grandson. I love your delicate pink yarn, the sweater is going to be beautiful.


    • jody says:

      Kelly, thank you for your kindness. We do have to grieve in our own time – you are so right about that!

      I heard that Texas was very hot. The growing season is changing here in the northeast – I cannot believe how quickly plants are coming to maturity! Something ate all of my broccoli and cabbage – grrrr.

      Congratulations on your first grandchild …. lucky lucky you. xox


  2. schwamu says:

    PICKLED BEETS! Oh hello, comrade.


  3. Hi Jody! That sweater is awesome … the kind you want to wear with everything! You are mentioned in my blog today! xo


  4. arianna81 says:

    I have GOT to take a look at your computer for you!!! Once the move is done I’ll have a car (in some sort of working condition, one hopes) and a bunch of lonely Saturdays, can Fiona & I come visit?? 🙂


    • jody says:

      Oh my goodness, you two ALWAYS have a huge welcome mat laid out for you!!!! If you need help with the move, PLEASE call on me! Heavy lifting isn’t my specialty, but an extra pair of baby-rocking arms may help! Call me!!!


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